19 January 2010

Evisu NO13

No13Left is a close reproduction of the early denim used by Lee from the 1910s onwards. It is a left hand twill cloth, which is identifiable...

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18 January 2010

evisu NO4

No4 is another brand-new denim specially developed for the Evisu Heritage Spring 2009 collection. The denim is woven from open-end yarn, wit...

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17 January 2010

Evisu NO3

No3 is the original famous Evisu Heritage selvage denim, previously known as D85. No3 denim is woven from unbleached ‘mother cotton’, and th...

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16 January 2010

Evisu NO2

No2 denim is identical to No1Special, but sanforized. Woven in Osaka Japan on half-width shuttle looms with signature pink selvage. No2 is a...

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15 January 2010


No1Special is unsanforized japanese selvage denim woven in Osaka by Kaihara Corps Ltd. Unsanforized denim is the most authentic cloth, as us...

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14 January 2010

Spring 2009 Heritage Denims

Every year, we call the latest iteration of our Deluxe jeans “The Finest Jeans Ever Made”. While we often make bold statements, we challeng...

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13 January 2010

How to Spot Fake Evisu Jeans

First under no circumstances should the selvedge on any Evisu jeans be missing. That is the stitching on the inside along the lining of the ...

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Fake Or Real Evisu Jeans?

Evisu Guide for Real of Fake Evisu Jean(genes) The Gulls FAKE - Not aligned with the bottom seam. Does not overlap the vertical seams. ...

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EVISU JEANS GUIDE,HOW TO SPOT FAKE EVISU ? How do you identify fake EVISU jeans? Spotting fake EVISU.Evisu jeans - how to tell real from f...

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